From Our President

Our Wish: TRA began with a wish: a wish to lend a hand to train future leaders for the restaurant industry of the next generation. We believe that face to face communication has become ever more so important in this digital age. We also believe that restaurants are the place for socializing. With good food, good atmosphere, and superb customer service on top of their list , we hope that our future restaurant owners will thrive.

The Truth: There are many restaurant owners in the ramen industry that face bankruptcy after investing a large amount of money. Most of them come from a different field of work and have no basic trainings in the food industry. Self-studying is not just enough to open a restaurant and become successful.

Our Trainings: It is crucial to have the skills and knowledge of both food and restaurant businesses to face any difficulties and survive. TRA’s finest instructors, its practical equipment and facility will provide the ready-to-use practical know-how and advanced skills of ramen business to those who wish to open a restaurant of their own.

Our Blessing: The future of ramen industry is in your hands. Take your chance at our TRA and be successful in this fruitful ramen business.

Thank you for visiting our Tokyo Ramen Academy website.

Tokyo Ramen Academy Shoku No Dojo


Shigekatsu Akimoto