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Tokyo Ramen Academy
Tokyo Ramen Academy (TRA) is a unique ramen school. TRA's 7-Day Ramen Master Course will enable you to make your own original ramen. Every teachers here are taught by owners of Japan's first-class ramen restaurant, and inherited their recipes. This is the best opportunity to learn the greatest recipes of a first-class restaurant. Not only that, but you can even make your own unique flavor based on the recipe we offer.
About TRA
For all of those who want to open a ramen restaurant,
Tokyo Ramen Academy
Your first step to owning a successful ramen restaurant!
  • Only 7-Day to learn how to make your own original bowl of ramen.
  • Complete training program to turn a beginner into a professional.
  • Learn ramen recipes from classics to the latest trends.
  • Learn advanced skills to create a variety of new dishes.
  • Master the processes of creating new dishes and serving customers.
  • A completion certificate for participants who completed the course.
  • Continual support available after the completion of the course until the grand opening day.
  • Our Curriculum
Master the science of making ramen
Over 1200 graduates worldwide.

Even those with no experience in the ramen industry have been successful enough to be listed in the Michelin Guide Book. Some stores have grown to become numerous popular and thriving stores, such as the title of top annual popularity on the famous website "" which is always referred to by ramen lovers in Japan, and a dedicated feature in "Ramen Walker", a major magazine in Japan.

Learn all traditional and new taste of ramen.

We cover a wide variety of ramen recipes from classic ones to the latest trends: beginning with Shoyu, Shio, Tonkotsu, Miso and then to more variations such as clear type soup, cloudy type soup, sea food based stocks, dipping noodles, dry noodles and more. We also provide different kinds of recipes of roasted pork which is used as ramen toppings.

Recipes are shared but the Techniques learned is key.

TRA is a school for future ramen restaurant owners. This academy is not just for cooking lessons. Passing down recipes is not the goal of our intensive course. Our goal is for you to master the skills of creating your own original dish from the ramen recipe you learn from us. Skills to arrange recipes and create variations of flavors are what you exactly need to survive in the competitive world of ramen industry.

Master the science of making ramen
Increase sales by adding Japanese food in addition to ramen.
Potential to more than double per capita revenue.
You can learn Japanese food at TRA.
This is the "Izakaya Course".
Izakaya Course
You can learn noodle-making techniques.
can make your own ramen noodles.

The type of noodle used depends on the type of ramen. To serve good ramen, it is important to have the right noodles for your ramen.

You'll be able to supply your own noodles.

The fastest way to ensure a steady supply of ramen noodles is to make them yourself. You can purchase the noodle-making machine used in the class and put it in your own restaurant.

Use your time effectively with a Soup Strainer.
Free yourself from heavy work.

Straining ramen soup by hand is a hard work. Moreover, it is time-consuming. With 'Koshitaro', a soup strainer specially designed for ramen, the work that used to take about 2 hours can be finished in about 30 minutes. The time saved can be used for other tasks.

Patented technology for high efficiency.

'Koshitaro' is patented in Japan.The centrifugal separator and straining net combine to efficiently produce soups of varying smoothness, from coarse to fine.You can learn how to use them in TRA.

TRA's store interior design division, 'Asuterior'
We propose to create a successful restaurant.

TRA is more than just a ramen school. We are a professional group that also handles store interiors and kitchen equipment. We not only teach the know-how of ramen making and management, but can also provide full assistance in creating your ideal restaurant store. We have a proven track record of working with graduates to create their restaurants and leading them to success.

Support for design, construction, and installation of kitchen equipment

We not only support the design of interior, but also the construction and installation of kitchen equipment until the restaurant is completed. We will consult with you even while you are enrolled in the ramen school. Since we can take care of all aspects of restaurant construction, we can provide support at a more reasonable cost than if we had to hire separate contractors.

What Makes TRA So Unique?
Master the science of making ramen
Learn all kinds of ramen there are
“TRA” and “Ramen Restrant form TRA” are featured on many TV programs!
The owners of a famous Ramen restaurants
This is your chance to learn the recipes created by the owners of top-notch ramen restaurants.Learn real techniques and true ramen philosophy at the TokyoRamenAcademy.
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Master the science of making ramen