Our Wish

TRA began with a wish: a wish to lend a hand to train future leaders for the restaurant industry of the next generation. We believe that face to face communication has become ever more so important in this digital age. We also believe that restaurants are the place for socializing. With good food, good atmosphere, and superb customer service on top of their list , we hope that our future restaurant owners will thrive.

The Truth

There are many restaurant owners in the ramen industry that face bankruptcy after investing a large amount of money. Most of them come from a different field of work and have no basic trainings in the food industry. Self-studying is not just enough to open a restaurant and become successful.

Our Trainings

It is crucial to have the skills and knowledge of both food and restaurant businesses to face any difficulties and survive. TRA’s finest instructors, its practical equipment and facility will provide the ready-to-use practical know-how and advanced skills of ramen business to those who wish to open a restaurant of their own.

Our Blessing

The future of ramen industry is in your hands. Take your chance at our TRA and be successful in this fruitful ramen business.

Thank you for visiting our Tokyo Ramen Academy website.

Tokyo Ramen Academy Shoku No Dojo / President
Shigekatsu Akimoto

About TRA

TRA is a ramen school to learn the way of how to make an original ramen by a unique 7-day crash course. All teachers are TRA certified and have inherited the recipes from the owners of Japan’s leading ramen restaurants. This is your chance to master authentic ramen recipes from some of the most popular restaurants.

You will not just learn how to recreate recipes. We emphasize on teaching you skills to create original flavors of your own based on the existing recipes. Skills to add an extra touch to the recipe and to create something new are what you need to survive and thrive in the ever so competitive ramen industry.

There is a reason for a popular restaurant to be popular.

Unlike “watch and learn and trust your senses” type of vague lessons, our recipes are written with clear and precise grounds and our instructions are easy to follow. Our unique curriculum is specially designed for future restaurant owners regardless of their experiences.

Our recipes are written in details: ratio of the sauce, fat, soup stock and other ingredients are carefully calculated. All instructions are explained with reasons. Once you master the basics, learn how to add your own touch to create new original dishes.

Recipes and cooking skills are not the only thing you master at TRA. Subjects such as financial and business planning are also included in the course. We will provide you with all the knowledge and practical skills you need to become a chef and a restaurant owner.

TRA welcomes anyone who wants to…

  • open a ramen restaurant. (No experience needed!)
  • study general business management besides ramen making.
  • master the skills of creating new dishes and make an original bowl of ramen.
  • open a ramen restaurant outside Japan and spread the authentic flavor.
  • master the art of Japanese ramen as a non-Japanese.
  • learn how to make all kinds of ramen from scratch.
  • have a career change and become an independent ramen restaurant owner.
  • learn what ramen is all about in a short period of time.
  • create new flavors at the current restaurant you own.

Completion Certificate

A Completion Certificate will be issued to those who complete our 7-Day Ramen Master Course. It is to certify that you learned and mastered the skills and knowledge of ramen from the finest ramen instructors. It will not only help you earn you the trust of your customers, but it also will be your undeniable confidence while you pursue your career as a ramen restaurant owner.

And more support from us!

Opening a restaurant and making ramen are two different things. There will be times that you need to make a decision on business matters that you are not familiar with. It is best that you consult a specialist at times like that before you make a wrong decision. We are here to help you with any issues related to opening a restaurant such as administration, restaurant construction, interior designing and so on. Please feel free to ask for any advice from our specialists and prepare yourself for your success.

Master the science of making ramen

What makes TRA So Unique?

Decided to open a ramen restaurant? You can count on us. In cooperation with many of our business partners, we support our course participants with any matters related to restaurant startup and its management.

We will continue to support you after graduation.

Support you create taste after you graduate.

We will provide a limited edition Ramen recipe using local ingredients.

We will also provide consulting services on shop operation and management.

Offering Manufacturer’s Direct Selling Price

Dishes, bowls and other kitchen wares are available through our associated manufacturers at a direct selling price.

Pick your favorites based on your restaurant concept from a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs from classic ones to the ones with character. You will sure be able to find a ramen bowl that sets off your ramen perfectly.

Straining machine Koshi Taro

This is a professional soup strainer.

It automates the labor-intensive and time-consuming task of straining soup, reducing the time from 2 hours to 30 minutes by hand. Patented technology using a centrifugal separator and strainer net reduces time and improves efficiency.

Own Homemade Noodles

At TRA, we offer a lecture on how to make homemade noodles by professional machine.

If you are considering having your own homemade noodle maker, please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

How to make delicious soup with Japanese dried foods

Japanese Dried foods can be used to make delicious soup stocks.

In areas where dried foods (dried bonito flakes, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, etc.) are available, we will teach you how to make delicious soups using these dried foods.

In areas where dried foods are not available, we will teach you how to make delicious soups without dried foods.

Efficient cooking reduces operating costs.

Tokyo Ramen Academy classes teach efficient cooking methods so that even the best ramen broth can be prepared in a short time. Instead of spending 10-12 hours or 2-3 days cooking broth, you can have a delicious soup in 4-6 hours.

This will save you money on gas and electricity bills.

About Translations

Unfortunately, we do not offer any translation services for our programs.
If you find it difficult to attend classes and communicate in Japanese, you may want to bring your own translator/interpreter.

In case you bring your own translator to attend a course with you, we will charge half of the course fee for your translator.

We also offer a course in English. It is a special “7-Day Ramen Master Course” and “Ramen Study and Ramen Walk course”, a private one-on-one lesson taught by an English speaking instructor.

This English course will be held on the dates you wish to attend. Please contact us to register for this course.

Master the science of making ramen