No.1 Ramen School
Tokyo Ramen Academy
Tokyo Ramen Academy (TRA) is a unique ramen school. TRA's 7-Day Ramen Master Course will enable you to make your own original ramen.
7-Day Ramen Master Course (one to one)
Tokyo Ramen Academy is a 7-day, one-to-one course that will teach you the skills to make your own original ramen and the management skills to open your own ramen restaurant.
Day 1 : Students learn the basics of ramen in a classroom lecture.
You will learn the basics of management, how to calculate material costs and how to calculate shop sales.
You will learn about world-class ramen, from the secret sauce created by famous shop owners to the numerical proportions of salt, density and sweetness. You will learn about noodles, chintan (clear soup), paitan (white soup), oil, toppings and much more.
Day 2 : Making paitan (white soup). Tonkotsu ramen.
Paitan is one of the base soups for ramen. Why does it turn white? By learning more about emulsification, you will know how to use it in future classes.
From traditional ramen to trendy thick ramen, we will make a variety of ramen using salt and soy sauce sauces that go well with paitan.
Day 3 : Making chintan (clear soup). Clear tonkotsu ramen.
Learn how to make clear soup, the foundation of ramen. Making clear soup requires delicate techniques such as washing, draining, removing scum, and adjusting the heat.
It is said that the person who can make the best clear soup can make the best ramen. It is the foundation of deliciousness.
Day 4 : Using paitan to create a soup with a difference. Chicken broth.
There is a famous saying in the ramen industry. Paitan has unlimited possibilities.
The combination of tare and oil can be used to create a wide variety of flavors. For example, novel and tasty combinations such as "paitan and fruit" or "paitan and seafood soup" are possible.
Day 5 : Using chintan to make a different kind of soup. Chicken broth.
You will learn how to apply the chintan you learned on the third day. Students will make their own prototypes to test the complex and delicate flavors with their own hands.
Students will also be able to design and make their own special ramen on the spot, incorporating their own requests. In addition, students will learn how to make "spicy ramen," "spicy miso ramen," and "spicy mazesoba" using a special "meat miso.
Day 6 : Making trendy fresh fish soup and vegan ramen.
Recently, more and more famous restaurants are offering ramen with "fresh fish" based soups. Vegan ramen is also gaining attention. Vegan ramen is ramen that contains no animal products. Everything from the oil to the broth is made without animal products.
Day 7 (Final Day) : This is the day to test the knowledge and skills you have learned so far.
You will calculate the cost of your own ingredients and set your selling price. Think carefully about the product name, selling points, and recommendations, and create your "Original Ramen.
You will let other students and staff taste your product and ask them what they think. This is an important day that will nourish your future.

During the class, we do trial ramen making every day.
You can try your hand at making noodles as often as time allows, which is important for ramen.

Our certificate of completion is only given to those who complete the 7-day Intensive English course.Basic Daily Class Hours: 9:00 - 17:00
Some teachers may extend their classes until 18:00.

Master the science of making ramen
Courses and Fees
Courses Fee Remarks
7-Day Ramen Master Course JPY 750,000 + Tax Fee Includes Food expenses.
Ramen Study and Ramen Walk course (10-Days) JPY 1,000,000 + Tax Fee Includes Food expenses.
5-days Making Ramenn
- Making different kinds of ramen
5-days Ramen walk
- Eating at famous ramen restaurants around Tokyo
Master the science of making ramen